Tuesday, 5 April 2016


in Budapest, Hungary

Light green, gloomy black, small architectural details, and the urban atmosphere that is present everywhere my jackets go.

When I firstly saw the black fabric I fell in love with the small green patterns on it. Thought, I was not sure what other color should I mix it with, as the first feature of my jackets is their versatility - and that is a must. After spending plenty of time searching, I found this lovely khaki fabric. 

I didn't know then how nicely my jacket would mix with the colors of the Keleti train station. I love mixing fashion with architecture, but this was as unexpected even for myself. 

Joyful as I was, I let the sun warm the colors and I had fun!


Photos by Simona Nutu.

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  1. Love the outfit!
    Jacketa e superba!