Sunday, 8 January 2017

Sicily covered in snow

Today has been about cannoli and snowy landscapes.

We headed to Piana degli albanesi, a small area in the mountains known for the largest Albanian community in Italy and also and for its best Sicilian cannolo. (How is it even possible that the best Sicilian cannolo is made by Albanian people? -insert funny emoticon here)

Being in Sicily, we kind of forgot about winter and all that stuff, so no worries. But at ~800m altitude, you can usually find snow (even in Sicily) and uncleaned roads (especially in Sicily).

A bunch of happy kids and parents were making snowmans or putting together some sliding slopes, overjoyed to see the winter miracle. As happiness is a great feeling which makes you forget about unimportant details (such as the car you left in the middle of the road) sliding problems occurred.

After some struggle with our tiny Skoda Fabia (which actually proved us once again that it's the most powerful car one could ever own), we got there!

Beautiful landscape, snowy rocks, the crystal clear lake, and also the best cannolo. And as a gourmand as I can proudly call myself, I couldn't stop at eating only one, so after 2 enormous cannoli, I could as well try rolling on our way home.

Such a nice Sicilian winter day! 

Wearing: Roxi's Fine Cut winter jacket, Musette boots, Zara dress.

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