Sunday, 6 March 2016


in Budapest, Hungary

I love bridges. For me, they are the element of a transition, a path to another place, and in Budapest, the two parts that bridges connect really are contrasting. One is crowded, densely-built, full of young people and energy, while the other is known for its relaxed community, beautiful hills and cozy quiet streets. 

My favorite bridge in Budapest, and one of the most beautiful I've seen so far in the world, is the Liberty Bridge. With its bohemian look, special color and funny story (people usually climb onto it, sit there, gaze at the whole city), it has earned its name. 

Built for the Millenium World Exhibition between 1894-1896 by architect János Feketeházy, in Art Nouveau style, it has had a tangled history. It was firstly named Francis Joseph Bridge, but after being blown up by retreating German troops during the World War II, it was rebuilt in 1946 and got its actual name. 

My most recent visit on the bridge has a lot to do with its blooming story. It was a nice quiet morning, the sun was shining after a long rainy season, I bought some very spring-related flowers, and I was wearing the colorful floral jacket. And if these little symbols don't relate to rebirth, then what else does?

I am wearing:
  • Roxi's Fine Cut Jacket
  • Zara Purse and necklace
  • Pull & Bear Jeans
  • H&M Pullover
  • Bata Ankle boots

Photos by Simona Nutu.

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