Monday, 14 March 2016


in Budapest, Hungary

Culture, art, freedom, architecture - that’s what these photos are about.

Cycling through the streets of Budapest, I spotted the beautiful Opera House and I could’t help taking some photos there. Everything was matching: the colors, the styles, the ideas.

The Opera House, also known as the Hungarian Royal Opera House, was designed by Ybl Miklos and it opened to the public on the 27 September 1884. It is a richly-decorated building and it is considered one of the architect's masterpieces. Built in neo-Renaissance style, with Baroque elements, it surely is one of the statement buildings in Budapest. (The interior is also glorious, you have to trust me on this one.)

The jacket I am wearing is somehow elegant, but very versatile. Its silver accents make it look good if you fancy wearing something more sophisticated; but it’s so comfy that there’s no way I’m not riding by bike while wearing it.

With this mix of several styles in both the environment and my apparel, it seems that this silver-touched jacket and the Opera are a match made in heaven.

I am wearing:

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